As a successful entrepreneur with currently 15 branches of her own pole dance studio chain, Daniela Baumann inspires women to have more courage, happiness and to live their dreams.

As a sports enthusiast and energetic personality, she is valued in public and in the media for her appearance and her motivating nature.

Daniela Baumann's mission is to encourage women to be themselves and to live their dreams by learning how to increase their self-esteem, become independent and live the life they have always wanted.

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Quite often, safety concerns keep most women from tackling and living their own dreams.

Daniela inspires, motivates and gives the right impulses so that women can become bolder and create the life they always wanted. 


Financial dependency in partnership is often a problem in today's society that prevents people from living the life they dream of.

With her impressive story about her separation from the pop star DJ Bobo and her journey to financial independence, Daniela Baumann gives her audience the right impetus to gain their own financial freedom.

How do you manage to start your own business as a single mother? Which points should be considered? Which traps should be avoided at all costs and what are the dos and don’ts for sustainable success?

With the insights from her entrepreneurial career, packed in thrilling stories and an impressive appearance, Daniela Baumann will also captivate your audience.


In her keynote, Daniela Baumann talks about her life and the development of her company "LOFT1".

After separating from DJ Bobo, she built her own successful business as a single mother of two children without any financial means or support.

Daniela Baumann has been inspiring and motivating women with her story from a dancer to a successful entrepreneur for many years.

She is an example of the fact that you can achieve anything in life if you go your own way with courage and focus.

Would you like an exciting, attractive and entertaining moderation for your event?

With your routine on stage or in front of the camera, you are well-advised with Daniela Baumann.


Motivation, inspiration and empowerment for female start-up entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions.

Recently there are even more powerful inputs, exciting tips and great guests in Daniela Baumann's podcast.

It's worth listening to. Of course, available via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


The community for strong women who want more out of life.

In order to use her experiences to inspire other women to have more courage and self-confidence, Daniela Baumann set up her own network.
In it, she provides impulses, exchanges ideas with the members and offers events or special training courses.

Sounds interesting? Then take a look now and let yourself be enchanted by the positive energy.



How you too can become successful with your idea

“KEEP GOING” means showing you what is possible. To show you how an idea, a vision can become successful.

With Pole Dance, I managed to build up a business that is second to none. I grew that business to fifteen pole dancing studios in Switzerland. That sounds very crazy at first. It is! But nothing is impossible!

In my work and motivational book, you will get insights into my life, but also valuable tips, ways, chances and possibilities how you too can be successful.
Let's make your life successful together...


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